Today I received news that I have been accepted into the Landfill Art Reclamation Project! Ken Marquis has gathered 1, 041 vintage ’70’s hubcaps from landfills and is getting artists around the world to paint on them. Photos of all of them will be published in a book and a traveling show of 200 hubcaps will tour in 2012! I have 4 months to complete my hubcap. I really want to rock this one! So, I’ll keep you updated!

And there it is, the completed hubcap. My mermaid finding treasure, a metaphor for the treasure all of us artists have made from the “trashed” hubcaps.  I am looking forward to the Landfill Art Project book coming out this year 2012!

This is the violin I painted

to be auctioned off for the

Shorewood Orchestra!

I thought of what

sound feels like to me,

especially classical music.
"Transformation Bench" front
"Transformation Bench" backI have always wanted to do a public art piece, ever since I saw the angels all over the city in Los Angeles, several years ago. My opportunity arrived this spring, when I entered a design to The Best Seats in the House public art project in Shorewood (Milwaukee area), Wisconsin! Over 40 artists were given cedar benches to paint/mosaic/transfer/etc… and we delivered them in May to be coated with a special outdoor varnish at an auto body shop! (That’s on top of the 4 layers of UV varnish we painted on ourselves)! On June 5th, 2010 they are going on display in downtown Shorewood. They will remain there over the summer and be auctioned off on the 15th of August. (Proceeds go to Shorewood Business Development). I will take lots of pix, of course! I loved the process of painting the bench and knowing lots of people were going to enjoy it, I am looking forward to my next public art project!

My bench is called “Transformation Bench” with a cocoon on the back with the text “The dream is growing…” and a butterfly is revealed on the front with the text “Transformation is possible, probable, beautiful…” it is designed so that the sitter, seated in the center of the bench, appears to have wings! It’s a place to reflect on life and what you are dreaming of creating for yourself.

Wisconsin Gazette (the LGBT paper here in Milwaukee) is sponsoring my bench, how perfect for the theme! I am honored. The bench will be located in front of their offices at 3956 N. Murray Ave. in Shorewood, WI. I hope you get a chance to see and sit on my bench! If not, enjoy the pix!

And introducing…Sweetie! An old garden sculpture that was donated to the Milwaukee Animal Rescue Center. Amy Rowell, who runs the center and is an angel to all cats and dogs who come through the shelter, called me and asked if I could paint it for their Spayghetti and No Balls fundraiser. Of course! So, here she is, named by my daughter…Sweetie!

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  1. Karen Dean says:

    Hi Amy,
    I am the one who bought your bench at the auction and my husband and I just LOVE it! My husband says every time he sees it, it makes him feel happy. He wasn’t able to attend the auction so I was the one responsible for deciding which bench to buy. We both think I couldn’t have chosen a better one. It is nestled in our backyard, under a trellis with two hanging tuberous begonias. My only dilemma is how to position it so that both sides of the bench are displayed. I haven’t figured that out yet! We want to thank you so much for your hard work and let you know that it has found a very good home! (I was going to send you a photo of its placement but couldn’t find an email address so I figured I’d write this instead.) Thank you so much!

  2. admin says:

    Thank you so much, Karen! I am so glad that my bench has a great home! It sounds like a beautiful spot in your yard! I would love to see a photo, I’ll send you an e-mail!

  3. admin says:

    Thank you!

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